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Are you on the lookout for a powerful and reliable antivirus? If yes, then look no far than Vipre Antivirus. Vipre antivirus might not have a big-name profile antivirus available in today’s market; however, its security expertise stretched back to the beginning of anti-spyware as Sunbelt Software in 1994.

Nowadays, it ranges with Vipre antivirus for Mac and Windows; Vipre is just an antivirus despite its name. If you are in need of a reliable antivirus, you should consider checking out Vipre antivirus, and you will never regret it. To understand it better, we shall be taking you through Vipre antivirus review.

Is Vipre antivirus safe?

Vipre has been in the industry for a long time, and they have specialized in offering high-quality and safe antiviruses. With various positive reviews, there is no doubt that they offer exactly what they advertise. This antivirus is reliable, secure and offers maximum protection against malware.

Why do you need Vipre antivirus?

The Vipre antivirus standout from other antiviruses available in the market; since it is designed to protect not only your PC but also other essential computing features such as unnecessary noise.

When installing Vipre antivirus in your PC, you will only see protections and scanning options that guarantee your PC maximum protection against malware. Furthermore, there is no performance optimization, along with other features that require an increase in the price of this particular software. This means that Vipre does not feature hidden costs.

Vipre antivirus is pretty much straightforward. The software guarantees safety for your computer and nothing more. Despite being a relatively simple software, you shouldn’t underestimate it since simple does not mean its unreliable.

Vipre antivirus has shown great results during a lab test by detecting up to approximately 100% threats. Thus investing in this antivirus, you will be able to protect your PC against malware or viruses that you might come across while surfing the internet.

Vipre antivirus features real-time protection against data theft; it also offers protection for web camera, passwords and microphone, ensuring that you are safe from every harm. You can always get a free trial for approximately 30 days if you doubt and check out if the antivirus will perfectly fit your expectations and requirements.

How much does Vipre antivirus cost?

Despite being an incredible product, you will not be able to get many extras with Vipre antivirus. It is due to this reason that Vipre antivirus goes for relatively low prices. Vipre is designed to offer a solution for both businesses as well as home use protection. Furthermore, both versions feature a 30-day free trial making it ideal for testing out if the software perfectly fits your needs.

The Vipre antivirus for home use features the following price range;

  • Antivirus Plus goes for $29.99 along with a 10% discount
  • Advanced Security goes for $54.99 with 15% discount.
  • Ultimate Security Bundle goes for $69.99 along with 50% discount

The Vipre antivirus for business feature the following price range;

  • Cloud Edition goes for $150
  • Server Edition $152.50

Usually, the prices listed for Business packages are designed for five seats. If needed, you can choose a bigger number; furthermore, the price will change as well.

Features of Vipre antivirus 

This antivirus is equipped with features that make it worth investing in; some of the features provided in this software include;

Secure and reliable

Generally, there are two types of antivirus labs- one is designed to report on tests results, and the second one is used to certify antiviruses for their ability to offer security. Nowadays, very few antivirus firms apply for certifications; however, the Vipre antivirus is certified by the West Coasts Labs and ICSA Labs.

Despite the fact that lab tests aren’t a precise reflection of the security level of an antivirus, if it scores high every single time, it is a clear indicator that the product is reliable. The Vipre antivirus software has passed all simple malware test with a perfect score of 100%. It also demonstrates 99.3% to 99.9% success rate for three months during an advanced test.

Protection against Malware

Vipre antivirus is perfect software for fighting against all sorts of malware. Unlike most antiviruses out there, Vipre has an incredible detection score; during a test, it was able to find up to 99% of malware, and its scanning period doesn’t take an extended period. In addition to that, the Vipre is capable of deleting all malicious software that it had captured without leaving any trace behind.

For Vipre to offer maximum protection to your PC against viruses, it is equipped with a real-time scan that will protect your phishing, keeping you protected from websites with threats as well as scan your social media. For instance, the antivirus can scan your Facebook feed and ensure that there is no malicious link.


With Vipre antivirus, you can always choose between full and quick scans. In addition to that, you can also set the software weekdays and time when you would like it to scan the PC. Unlike other antiviruses, Vipre is relatively convenient since you choose using it when you are not using the PC. It also allows running a custom scan. With this software, you can always check everything that you have scanned;

  • Rootkits
  • Cookies
  • Running programs
  • Archived as well as compressed files
  • Windows registry

Relatively easy to use

Vipre is not equipped with several sophisticated features; this makes it relatively easy to use. The software is friendly and can be operated even by a newbie. It is easy to install and easy to set up its firewall; you will not encounter any challenges while using Vipre.

What are the pros and cons of Vipre?


  • It has excellent scores from two different labs
  • Tiny performance hit
  • It has an incredible score in blocking malicious downloads.
  • It is relatively easy to install and set up
  • The software is relatively affordable


  • Its firewall isn’t hardened against attack

Final verdict

The Vipre antivirus software offers incredible features at an incredibly low price compared to its competitors in the market. However, tests result show that its components do not provide consistent excellent protection. As a result, we cannot call Vipre antivirus the best or a highly-reliable software; nonetheless, we would still recommend it. As we come into conclusion, we hope that you have found this article beneficial.

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