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While using our devices, we rarely keep track of our system security. Following this, hackers are able to take advantage of our weak systems hence leaving our devices vulnerable to a wide range of attacks. Therefore, this proves the need for an effective anti-malware for protection from the ever-evolving threats. While there are many anti-malware options, choosing the best from the array can be a daunting task. In this article, we take a deeper look at the Hitman Pro Anti-malware in a quest to determine its worthiness.


What is Hitman Pro?

Hitman Pro is an anti-malware program designed with an aim of detecting and removing malware from one’s computer. Through this, one can boost the security of their devices from malicious programs and attacks. The antivirus uses Kaspersky, SophosLabs, the cloud base, and behavioral analysis both for searching and neutralizing the security threats in your laptop.


Hitman Packages Features and Pricing

Like most of the top companies, Hitman Pro has realized the need for different packages. Following this, Hitman Pro has both a basic plan and an advanced plan which their customers choose as per their preferences.

·Hitman Pro Basic Plan

With Hitman Pro’s basic plan comes all the necessary features one would possibly need for antivirus security. However, you will note that this package is highly limited having it scan and eliminate threats already in the system. Its Kickstart module aids in the creation of a bootable flash drive for cases where the system gets blocked by a Winlocker.


While this justifies its cost, the feature is quite a drawback for the software usage. Notably, you expect not to have real-time protection from malware. With a conventional antivirus, the $24.95/year basic plan Hitman Pro is an effective anti-malware tool.

Hitman Pro.Alert – The Advanced Package


The Hitman Pro.Alert $34.95/year is justifiable, thanks to the additional features it provides and enhanced reaction to all emerging threats. Subscribers to this package enjoy PUP, keylogger, online banking, webcam, exploit, and ransomware protection by Hitman Pro. Its CryptoGuard feature is responsible for its zero-day ransomware protection, thanks to quick analysis of encryption behavior alerting you imminently. Once installed the Hitman Pro.Alert will automatically protect your system from vulnerable programs, and your privacy online.

Does Hitman Pro Offer a Free Version?

Unlike some of the leading anti-malware companies, Hitman Pro offers not a free version for its customers. However, everyone can take advantage of their free and downloadable trial version from their official website. Here you will get thirty days of zero limitations of Hitman Pro’s full security capabilities.


You might also love the fact that you need not enter any credit card information while testing Hitman Pro’s trial version. Also, the software weighs only 4.6MB so it won’t take long to install on your device.


What Scanning Options Does Hitman Pro Offer?

When it comes to Hitman Pro, there are three unique scanning options all of which are activated upon selection. Depending on your needs you can choose either of these Hitman Pro’s scanning options;

  • Quick scan
  • Default scan
  • Early scare warning

Hitman Pro connects to its cloud verification service upon launching any of the scanning options stated above. Here, it ensures that all threats and potential security hazards are recognized, hence presenting the user with full information about the threats upon clicking after the scan is completed. You need to ensure you have a reliable internet connection for optimal functioning of the Hitman Pro antivirus.


Is Hitman Pro Safe?

Yes! You can rest assured that Hitman Pro is safe to download and use. With the anti-malware powered by top companies in the industry, you can fully trust its services. When put through independent tests, the anti-malware software scored consistently between 85-100% score hence a secure and reliable option. However, you might need to download it from its official website to avoid any security issues.


How is Hitman Pro’s Customer Support?

Hitman Pro is not the best when it comes to customer support. Notably, their customers can reach through support email and a live chat. However, they lack phone support which is one of the most preferred customer support help options. They also have a FAQ section borrowing from their knowledgebase, having it answer some of the most common questions by customers.


What is Hitman Best for?

  • Users seeking an easy-to-use and effective anti-malware software
  • Users with Windows-run PC, from the latest to the nearly outdated Windows including Windows XP
  • Users in search of a lightweight anti-malware software


Hitman Pro’s Compatibility

Hitman Pro is only compatible with the Windows OS. From Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, to Windows 10, you can get all that this anti-malware software has to offer. For Mac protection, users might need to switch to Sophos as recommended by Hitman Pro’s official website.


Pros of the Hitman Pro Antivirus

  • Comes with the Kickstart function which allows users to bypass your system’s ransomware programs
  • Offers excellent malware cleaning and rootkits
  • Requires no installation; can be launched from a USB drive
  • Offers high scanning speeds
  • Comes in a minimalist user interface having it provide great ease-of-use


Cons of the Hitman Pro Antivirus

  • Completely dependent on a reliable internet for functioning since its cloud-based
  • Offers no free version
  • Scans the drive where it is installed


Why Choose Hitman Pro Antivirus

Every top-rated antivirus software will probably help you get the much-needed security from anti-malware for your computer. However, we are all looking for a significant reason why we should choose a given antivirus software for malware protection. Here’s why you need to choose Hitman Pro.

  • Hitman Pro is powered by big names in the industry

You need some reassurance when paying for any product or service. Thanks to its developers that this antivirus software is powered by five of the biggest names in the anti-malware and device security business, including Kaspersky, Emsisoft, Ikarus, Bitdefender, and G Data.

  • Hitman Pro offers affordable packages and a free 30-day trial

Rarely will people land into the quality that matches Hitman Pro’s at similarly affordable prices! Even better, Hitman Pro allows its customers to enjoy a thirty-day trial totally free of charge after which they may subscribe to a paid package if they like it. It comes without saying that a paid package offers better security and service.

  • Hitman Pro secures your system from several threat types

When it comes to Hitman Pro, there is no limitation to threat types to secure its users. The software protects your system from Trojan, spyware, phishing, and adware. It also offers email protection, pirated software and PUP installation prevention, ransomware protection, anti-exploit, and anti-rootkit services.

  • Hitman Pro is easy to use

We all don’t need a complicated user interface for anti-malware software. Hitman Pro developers knew this better and provided the market with easy-to-use software with a simple and uncomplicated user interface.


Final Thought

With its high score on performance, ease-of-use, and affordable pricing, Hitman Pro is a worthwhile anti-malware to try out. Hitman Pro will suit people in search of a malware detection and removal tool for their home or small business PC. Even better is the fact that you can try out its functionality, thanks to its 30-days free trial that offers unlimited access to Hitman Pro’s features.

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