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Microstation vs AutoCAD

Winner: AutoCAD!

Reviewers believe that AutoCAD is better than Microstation! After comparing quality, customer service & reviews, we can conclude that AutoCAD is the preferred option for CAD Software.

How do we test?
Our reviewers use the products for a extended period of time. We also take a look at other user reviews, to get a feel how they like the product.

DescriptionMicrostation is a professional software available since the 80s'. This platform offers professional tools for 2D/3D drafting, design, and animation. It is developed by the Pennsylvanian company Bentley Systems, owner of SignCAD Systems.AutoCAD is software to create 2D & 3D CAD drawings. It launched in 1982 by Autodesk. It is widely used as the best CAD software by engineers, architects, project managers & graphic designers.
Customer support
  • Automated drawing extractions
  • Streamlined documentation
  • Smart components
  • Support for complex expressions
  • Point cloud referencing in native formats
  • Native multi-monitor support
  • Project-aware, project-centric models and documents
  • One-click publishing of multiple sheets
  • Independent view control
  • Simple, flexible references
  • AutoCAD Mobile App
  • Multifunctional Grips
  • Import 3D Models
  • Section Planes
  • 2D Drafting & Drawing
  • DWG and Image References
  • Dynamic Blocks
  • Photo Studio
  • 3D Navigation
  • Data Linking
  • Photorealistic Rendering
  • Ribbon Tabs and Panels
  • 3D Modeling & Visualization
  • Collaboration
  • Visual Styles
  • Smart Dimensioning
  • Parametric Constraints
  • 3D Scanning and Point Clouds
  • Express Tools
  • Sheet Set Manager
  • Object Selection and Isolation
  • User Interaction
  • Layout Viewports
  • Command Line
  • Revision Clouds
  • Data Extraction

List with all features
PricingMicrostation has an offer of $250 monthly. AutoCAD has 3 subscription models:
Free Trial?Yes, they have a free trial.Yes, AutoCAD offers a 30 day free trial!
Compatible with
  • Windows
AutoCAD is compatible with:
  • Windows
  • MacOS
Ease of use
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