Top 5 AutoCAD Alternatives

Anytime you require professional software for creating 3D models, engineering drawings, and landscape design, the AutoCAD alternatives will help. These are excellent software that supports all the functions needed for designers.

To achieve beneficial results in construction, manufacturing planning, building design, and civil infrastructure, you need to buy versatile and reliable AutoCAD alternatives. Therefore, below we have reviewed the best and affordable AutoCAD alternatives for you.

1.    BricsCAD

Someone can successfully use this model to operate different systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, and countless third-party apps.  It also integrates with users cloud and comes with a robust rendering engine; it is customizable and recognizes XREFS. BricsCAD is very affordable with three useful editions like Pro, Classic, and Platinum.  You can purchase BricsCAD for 330 USD dollars. Further, it is feature-packed with beneficial tools found in AutoCAD, including 3D compare, Sheet metal, and BIM.


  • Content and layers browser
  • Customizable settings
  • Smart quad cursor
  • Annotation scaling tools
  • Dockable panel


  • The user can edit, read and save AutoCAD files to the .dwg
  • Simple to use
  • Perpetual licenses accessible
  • Opens the complex drawings at a quick rate
  • Has developed capability and broad customization
  • Got faster LISP execution


  • Limited scope
  • Come with a challenging document tool (V15 version)

2.    SketchUP (free)

This is a 3D-modelling program that utilizes civil, video game, interior design, architectural, mechanical engineering, and film design. The tool operates with many types of files such as DXF, XSI, DWG OBJ, and more. Also, this one can export PDFs and HD animations. The maintenance, upgrade, and support plan cost around 120 dollars for single-user licenses per year and 400 dollars for network licenses per year.


  • Lighting effects
  • Texture
  • 3D models
  • Layers


  • Perfect for creating 3D models
  • Simple to use and learn
  • Incorporates with all third-party plugins
  • Easy to import various kinds of files
  • Vast library to download and upload drawings


  • It cannot allow you to create NURBS.

3.  SolidWorks

Solidworks is a good parametric solid modeler used mostly in 3D designs. Meaning, the user will need a good understanding of engineering terms than the geometric ones. Regardless of solid work being primarily targeted on 3D modeling, its sketching equipment remains functional. You will love its current features, such as the ability to do freehand sketches on many touch-screens.


  • Speedy ringing
  • Special effects
  • Rendering
  • Masking tools
  • Superior-quality path tracer


  • Compatible with DXF documentations
  • Perfect 3D modeling functionality
  • It can assess the weak points in layouts.
  • Very powerful in fields of automation and engineering
  • Come with command-line functionality.


  • Expensive
  • Windows only
  • Limited 2Dsketching

4. DraftSight

Draftsight is designed for individuals who want excellent ways to write, share, and read. Its 2D CAD software is based on enhanced architecture and easy to use for a while. The DrafSight is accessible for free download and also activation in a short period.

Admirably, the user can successfully create the G-Code directly in the program, save and open DWG and DXF files with this AutoCAD.  Further, it can run multiple OS platforms such as XP, Windows, and Vista. It comes with a large library where the user can batch-printing; use existing designs, and access the macro recording.

Additionally, this model is delivered with a paid version, and it is ideal for hobbyists and students. You can spend 99 dollars per year on this AutoCAD. However, DraftSight provides three useful plans for businesses like premium, professional, and enterprise, depending on someone’s needs.


  • CAD data interoperability
  • Operates with many file formats
  • Ability to attach te PDF files as an underlay
  • Various library


  • Open and save DXF and DWG files.
  • Come with many useful features.
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Perfect for all 2D modeling
  • Add symbols, append PDfS, and compare designs to project files.
  • Easy to operate with enough storage space
  • Come with a perpetual license accessible.


  • Does not have an express tool
  • The free version only beneficial for quick calculations and drawings’
  • Cannot run the LISP routines
  • Lacks the 3D capability

5. LibreCAD (free)

This is among the best superior-quality 2D –modeling software from OCAD.  For some users who are familiar with AutoCAD, they can easily use this. This model can also be used on Apple platforms and Windows. Further, it is based on Qt, UI-development framework, and a prominent cross-platform application. LibreCAD resembles AutoCAD in features and concept. Besides, LibreCAD is free and easy to access.


  • Integrated tutorials
  • Ability to edit texts
  • Polyline, text, line, spline dimension tools
  • Effective circle tools and a tangent line


  • Easy to use and learn
  • Writes DXF files
  • Clutter-free interface
  • Can read DWG files and many other related
  • Not resource-intensive
  • Free


  • It displays 2D views only
  • 2D only
  • Cannot operate on 3D renderings and models


AutoCAD is a helpful and beneficial program. The above are five dependable AutoCAD alternatives and at affordable prices. Please choose from our list to own unique AutoCAD alternatives that will meet your needs and expectations.

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